Uzbekistan transfers its second tranche to the Trust Fund



On 27 November 2018 the Government of Uzbekistan and the UNDP Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office in New York signed a Standard Administrative Arrangement on a contribution of USD 6.5 million to the UN Multi-Partner Human Security Trust Fund for the Aral region in Uzbekistan (MPHSTF) to be transferred in four tranches from 2019 to 2022.

According to the MPTF Office, the Government of Uzbekistan has transferred USD 1.5 million to the MPHSTF within its USD 6.5 million financial commitments. The amount transferred will be utilized during Second Call for Proposals announced on February 19, 2020.

To date, the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan has officially transferred USD 3.5 million out of its USD 6.5 million financial commitment. Norway contributed USD 1.1 million in March 2019. The EU is at the final stage of transferring EUR 5.0 million contributions to the MPHSTF.

The drying up of the Aral Sea, which was the fourth-largest lake in the world until the 1960s, is among the greatest human-made global environmental disasters. Its negative effects transcend national and regional boundaries.

The MPHSTF, which was established under the auspices of the United Nations in late 2018, provides a single platform for national and international cooperation to address the ecological and socio-economic needs of communities living in the Aral Sea region, as well as to accelerate joint efforts to achieve global Sustainable Development Goals.

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